Spotlight on: Hedgehogs vs Foxes


How one creative agency succeeds in a fiercely competitive marketplace

The aim of Hedgehogs vs Foxes is a simple but significant one: to create engaging visual content that connect its clients with their target audience.

With 20 years’ experience delivering creative projects for clients seeking to engage with audiences, company founder Matthew Kirwan’s career has consistently had a focus on the public, lifestyle and luxury sectors.

“Our mission is focused on the ‘three Cs’: creativity, continuity and customer service,” states Kirwan. “All members of the team have excellent communication, interpersonal, negotiation and presentation skills, which is key to our superior service standards.”

In this age of digital communication in which video content represents an ever-increasing percentage of all internet traffic, the rise in the consumption of digestible visual content is a trend that’s here to stay.

How content is delivered has evolved greatly over recent years in the fast-moving digital landscape. Hedgehogs vs Foxes has stayed ahead of the curve by listening to its clients.

“From best-practice video delivery ratio for social platforms, to delivering video within 24 hours, at Hedgehogs vs Foxes we are constantly learning, changing and adapting to this environment,” says Kirwan. “At the core of every project is the client goal. We start this process by brainstorming with the team and conducting online research on the latest trends. The last step is to make a mood board of our idea for the client to clear.”

Attractive location

The company has enjoyed success since its inception in 2014 and Kirwan believes its location at Park West has been a pivotal element in the progression of the company.

“The main advantage from our location at Park West is accessibility,” he enthuses.

“When it comes to transport, the campus is beside the M50 motorway, just 20 minutes from Dublin Airport by car, and 20 minutes from the city centre via train, bus or Luas – ideal for clients and staff.”

An 8.5km cycle path along the Grand Canal bordering the park also offers an alternative mode of transport. Furthermore, the excellent facilities – gym, children’s day care, restaurants, cafés, accommodation and conferencing venues – provide an
attractive proposition for any company looking to advance operations in the Dublin area.

“Our time here at Park West has been enjoyable from the offset and we couldn’t be more delighted with the environment that has been forged here, which allows us to concentrate what we’re best at: creating great content. For Hedgehogs vs Foxes, Park West has everything we could ask for and the company is now undoubtedly positioned at one of the most attractive business locations in the Dublin,” concludes Kirwan.

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