Security and maintenance during COVID-19


Keepin the campus safe and ready

Park West Security and our award-wining Maintenance Team are busy providing their essential services to the campus during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Our team, while following the Government safe distance guidelines, are still ensuring the campus is safe, secure and maintained in top condition.

We thank all our staff for their commitment and dedication to ensure that the campus is maintained and ready once again for full operations.

Their daily 24 hour duties include


  •     Patrolling
  •     CCTV monitoring
  •     Building checks
  •     Assisting tenants
  •     Emergency response

Maintenance team:

  •   Road maintenance
  •   Pond cleaning
  •   Painting of common areas
  •   Waste management
  •   Building checks daily

parkwest security

Our team is also currently ensuring that our temporary residents of Nesting Swans are not disturbed and we have turned off the fountain to ensure that the nest will not suffer any damage during the nesting period.

swans parkwest