The Big Interview – Workhuman


One on one with Workhuman's Vice President of Global HR Niamh Graham

Question 1. Workhuman operates within the social recognition industry. Can you tell us a little bit about this industry and why Workhuman are considered leaders in this field?

Workhuman pioneered the social recognition industry. We help millions of people around the world feel more appreciated, valued, respected, and human at work. Our social recognition software empowers all employees to recognise each other for the work they see and do – every day.

We launched the company with the sole purpose of making recognition more effective, more strategic, and a true business imperative for companies across the globe. Today, we have more than 3 million employees on our platform who feel happier, more inspired and energized at work.

2. Workhuman is one of the largest online recognition platforms in the world. What role does Ireland play in your international operations?

We were founded in Dublin, are proud of our heritage and continue to maintain a strong presence in Ireland. We are co-headquartered in Park West, Dublin, Ireland and Massachusetts in the United States. Both locations work closely with each other and are critical to our success.

Dublin is a hotbed for technology talent and we have top-notch software engineers and developers in our Park West office. Our Dublin office serves as our innovation hub and is integral to our future success and growth. We are thrilled to continue to build an award-winning workplace that attracts some of the best talent in Dublin who aspire to help millions of employees around the world have better days at work.

Globoforce Cafe Park West

3. Why did Workhuman choose to relocate their premises to Park West?

We have been a resident of Park West since 2006. Park West’s central location was the main reason why we moved here. It allowed us to recruit the best talent from all over Dublin. Our location offers the perfect mix of a thriving, high technology economy and ideal location to live and/or commute to highly desirable locations throughout greater Dublin.

4. What was the single most important consideration in the decision to base Workhuman in Park West?

We loved the fact that Park West is centrally located, easy to get to from any location since it’s on the Ring Road and has easy access to the airport.

We also took our employee demographics into consideration to ensure that the move did not add to their commute or impact their family time. As an organisation, we believe in “WorkHuman” which is a management practice underpinned by global research that helps companies drive a positive employee experience for employees. Pioneered by Globoforce, WorkHuman is a global movement of people, purpose, and passion behind bringing more humanity to today’s modern workplace.

We celebrate our employees and want to provide a work environment where they are inspired to do the best work of their lives.

Globoforce Park West Dublin games room

5. What has been the biggest advantage to Workhuman since moving to Park West in 2016?

Park West is an epicentre of Dublin’s technology economy and culture. As a result, we have been able to recruit incredible talent. We have continued to grow as a company and added more employees. Due to our location, our employees can enjoy the outdoors, commute easily and most importantly, work alongside other innovative companies.

Many of our employees take advantage of the train line. We also like the beautifully maintained grounds, proximity to shopping, the bike path and the walking trails near the canal. We are also looking forward to additional parking spaces for our employees.

Plaza Park West

6. Have the facilities in the Beckett Way unit and Park West in general met your expectations?

Yes, we are very happy here. We have a good relationship with the developer and are excited to move into Park West’s flagship building.

7. How would you describe the sense of community in Park West?

Park West tenants have a strong sense of community. The management does a great job of keeping the tenants well- informed through a newsletter. It also organises fund-raisers, charity events and road races to bring the community together.

8. How well do the transport links in Park West serve your employees and clients?

We feel Park West offers quite a few transportation options including the Intercity rail service, the bus city centre and the Park West taxi depot.

9. Do you have any other comments to add about Workhuman’s experience in relocating to Park West?

We are very excited to move into the new office space. Through our social recognition software, we help organisations worldwide build workplaces that recognise employees for their contributions and hard work. We are growing rapidly and hiring more employees. We have many openings in our Dublin office currently and encourage people to check out our careers page at

Thank you for your time Niamh and congratulations on your new HQ.

Globoforce HQ at Park West