Pioneering relocate to Park West


When, the pioneering e-commerce and online marketing solutions provider, relocated to Park West from City West, it got a little more than it bargained for.

Everyone knew that bringing the business closer to the city centre; to a location with great transport links and amenities, would benefit employees and clients alike.

“Park West offers excellent location, ample parking, easy access, good facilities, and real ease of access – particularly for public transport users,” said Michael Dwyer, CEO of Empathy Marketing, the company that operates

But something else became apparent – a sense of community that one wouldn’t normally expect to find in a business park. Michael feels that Park West’s positive and co-operative community atmosphere is key to the park’s appeal for current and prospective businesses.

“Here at we pride ourselves on being a progressive, friendly and service-orientated business, which also reflects the atmosphere of Park West as a community,” he said.

With a range of community events, from charity barbeques and runs to lunchtime fitness classes, the Park West management works hard to foster that sense of community.

The park is also known for its impressive range of on-site amenities, enjoyed by both residents and businesses alike. From gym facilities to restaurant and cafe options, a pharmacy to children’s day care, it strives to create a campus that caters for all lifestyles.

“The park’s proximity to the canal is ideal for lunchtime walks and those who cycle to work while the amenities are excellent, particularly the catering, retail and leisure facilities on the Plaza,” says Michael. is an impressive addition to the Park West campus and the company has enjoyed a strong growth period since the move. It has an active audience of 570,000 people in Ireland, and employs 30 people, while indirectly supporting hundreds of Irish jobs in the hospitality, leisure and retails sectors, among others.

We asked Michael – how would sum up Park West?

“Friendly, understated with a real sense of community – our company is very happy to be a tenant of Park West.”

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