Medical services giant relocate HQ to Park West


Location and transport key reasons for move

Medical services giant Affidea’s decision to relocate its Irish head office to the west Dublin business park came after a €25 million expansion in 2019.

Speaking about the move, an Affidea spokesperson said, “Although we have only been here in Park West for a short period of time, we have found that the biggest advantage is how connected we are, particularly in terms of transportation. Having the bus, rail and Luas connections on our doorstep means our staff and clients can access our office with ease.”

“We had a desire to relocate our Head Office to an area which was connected, competitive and convenient for our staff members. Park West offered all three of these and we were delighted to make the move to the Park West Plaza earlier this month. The chance to be a part of a community was also attractive to us and it is clear that Park West has a positive impact on the local area.”

Europe’s largest medical services provider operates a network of twelve walk-in diagnostic imaging clinics around the country and Affidea treated just over 200,000 patients in Ireland last year.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Affidea operates 246 diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer-care centres in 16 countries and markets the ExpressCare clinics as a quicker alternative to often crowded accident and emergency rooms in hospitals.

“A lot of people who go into A&E for minor injuries don’t need to be there. They’re only going there because they need to get an X-ray or get stitched up,” says Affidea Ireland CEO Barry Downes.

“What we’re providing here is immediate, walk-in diagnostics. You can see a doctor, get X-rayed or get your splint put on … We’ve set up all these existing pathways to ensure that we’re compressing the timeline for the full treatment of care.”

Their new 4,500 sq.ft. (420 sq.m.) administrative head office is based in Block 71 on the Plaza at the centre of Park West.