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Former Irish rugby star and wellbeing expert Niall Ronan discusses some exciting initiatives taking place at Park West in 2019

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness,” physical trainer Joseph Pilates once said, and with 2019 in full swing, it’s the perfect time to get more active. Supporting physical and mental health initiatives in the workplace has never been more important, improving the growth of the business as well as employees’ wellbeing.

Titan wellness park west

Specialising in transforming businesses into healthier collaborative environments, Titan Wellness provides physical and mental wellbeing solutions to companies nationwide. “Whether you need a one-off training session or a comprehensive annual workshop, our fun solutions will help change the way staff feel within an organisation,” says company founder and former rugby pro Niall Ronan. “It’s simple,” he continues, “reducing sickness-related absences increases productivity. Physical wellbeing classes are a great way to build a team’s culture, while improving overall health in the workplace.”

Ronan’s rugby career was an impressive one, playing more than 100 games for Munster and picking up four Ireland caps along the way. This promising career ended abruptly in 2014, when Ronan was forced to retire due to a persistent knee problem. However, the Drogheda native believes his time mixing it with rugby’s elite offered him a valuable insight into how firms can harness employee wellness to create a positive team ethic.

“Communication and hard work in any organisation are the recipe for success,” he says. “Talking to each other positively and giving feedback to your teammates or work colleagues builds a strong relationship and creates trust amongst the group. Additionally, as a rugby player, you work on fitness and healthy eating, which has a huge impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. When you bring these elements into a big or small company, productivity increases instantly.”

niall ronan titan wellnessNiall Ronan (second from left) with the Titan Wellness team

Couch to 5k

We all know getting off the couch and committing to exercise can be an arduous task, especially at this time of year. But at Park West there’s a firm belief in the power of motivation, and they have teamed up with Titan Wellness to provide structured wellness programmes to, quite literally, get you up and running!

Niall Ronan explains how the collaboration came about. “The management team at Park West are keen to build on the already robust sense of community within the park and, thankfully, approached us to provide some physical wellbeing programmes throughout 2019,” he says. “Rather than just simply a place to work, Park West is a community, and we’re completely on board with the management’s vision to build a community that benefits from people coming together to promote positivity and wellness.”

“We launched the Park West Couch to 5k initiative in mid-January, in which participants jogged after work twice a week during a six-week period, with further weekend running programmes tailored to their individual needs. We’re also running a summer boot camp at the park, as well as a five-a-side soccer tournament to coincide with the start of the Premier League season in August.”

park west couch to 5k

Ronan also believes that a healthy workplace is one where staff members feel empowered. “Educating your staff is the first step for a successful programme,” he advises. “If you can understand how exercise can benefit your body and brain, or why you may feel anxious or stressed, your employees will buy into the wellbeing initiatives set by the company. If you can slowly change the culture in a positive way with a long-term strategy, you will reap the rewards that come that come from this.”

 The right moves

As the cost of lost productivity from both physical and mental illness amongst Irish workers continues to rise, it’s become increasingly important for businesses to consider the health and happiness of its employees. Looking to the future, Ronan is buoyant about the company’s mission. “Our goal is to work closely with companies all over Ireland, assisting them with the management of their ongoing physical wellness programmes. We’ll continue to roll out qualifications in wellness, as I firmly believe educating the workforce of Ireland on the benefits of food and mental health helps to create a team ethos for both companies and individuals to thrive in.”

Top Tips

Niall Ronan’s advice for workplace wellness:
• Say ‘hello’ to your colleagues every day
• Keep active
• Eat your greens
• Work together as a team
• Try your best and have fun

There are several FREE activities on offer to anyone working at Park West throughout the year from jogging to football matches run by Titan Wellness.

To find out more about an activity contact Miss Una O’Connor in the Information Centre by email: or telephone 01 623 9261